First Exmoor Pony foals are born at Bamff Wildland

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Airlie with her mother, Russet.

Four Exmoor Pony foals have been born at Bamff Widland in April 2024, beginning with Airlie, a filly, followed by a colt, Dalwhinnie, and two more fillies; Appin and Argaty.

Dalwhinnie and Appin, with mothers Stontian and Russet.

Their mothers are all healthy, and the foals appear to be thriving in the landscape where they can all freely roam.


Decisions will need to be made as to how many can stay at Bamff in the longer term, and also how their presence, departure and potential replacements can influence future bloodlines, though the wildland area will be able to cope with a total number in excess of the current herd, which currently numbers fifteen.