We are deeply grateful to all of our sponsors who have helped to make the Bamff Wildland project possible.

(It is still possible to become a sponsor by donating to our project here)

A number of our sponsors wished to remain anonymous, but here is the list of all who agreed to have their names published.
(All contributed to our crowdfunder that originally launched in spring 2021)

Aaron Myles
Adam Kay
Adam Wiles
Alasdair Lemon
Alastair Wilson
Alex Dikelsky
Alexia Fishwick
Alice McGillicuddy
Alice Ojeda
Amy Slack
Anahita West
Andrew Cahn
Anja Tanner
Anne Reece
Anthony Murden
Avram Hiller
Barbara Keating
Bryn Truscott
Carol Watts
Caroline Slater
Catherine carter
Catherine Hetherington
Catherine McSweeney
Catriona thomson
Charlotte Halliday
Chris and Joan Passant
Chris Charlton
Chris Howard
Chris Kydd
Chris Mclaren
Chris Staines
Christoph Harwood
Christopher Martin
Ciaron Nixon
Claire Fidoe
Clare Cooper
Clive Reeves
Constance Wright
Constance Wright
Derek Robertson
Donald McPhillimy
Doug Pearson
Edda Starck
Edward Abercrombie
Ellie Geen
Ellie Neate
Ellie Price
Emma Appleby
Emma Clayton
Emma Fairlie
Emma Glanville
Erika James
Evelyn Alexander
Evelyn Harding
Fiona Sanderson
Frances Kinross
Francis Morgan
Francisco Inesta Vaquera
Gail Watts
Gillian MacKenzie
Gordon Masterton
Graeme Walker
Graham Thomson
Graham Thomson
Guy Veale
Hamish Walker Rhodes
Hayley Whyte
Helen Eccles
Ian Douglas
Ian Elphick
James Carmichael
James Nairne
Jeff Hodson
John Berry
John Higham
John Thomson
Joly Braime
Jonathan Wallace
Josy Brown
Julie Sanders
Juliet Robertstone
Karen Pagarani
Karolina Zentrichova
Kate jones
Laura Buckley
Les Angus Wallace
Lorna Shields
Louise Batchelor
Lucy Stout
Lynda Niccolls
Maggie Saunders
Maia Haag
Margaret Wright for Alison Milne
Mariota Dunning
Mark David
Mat and Bea
Mike King
Monica Wolfe
Muir MacKean
M Wilson
Naomi clarke
Neil Armstrong
Neillsen Turner
Nicholas Thompson
Nicola may
Nonie Horsman
Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher
Paul Kirk
Penny Davies
Pete Varkala
Richard & Sally Berry
Richard Mullen
Robert Baltzer
Robert MacDougall-Davis
Rob Gowans
Rosalind Timperley-Fletcher
Ross Henderson
Sally & Crawford Lindsay
Sally Hole
Sam & Maggie Freegard
Sam and Jeff Pyrah
Sandie Gray
Sara King
Sarah Smout
Siwan Rhys
Sophie Groll
Sophie Kelsall
Step Han Ie Leik
Stephen Eade
Suilin Lavelle
Susan Adams
Susan Coyne
Swiss Pez
Thomas Sheils
Timothy Gowers
Tom Bowser
Toni Watts
Vanessa Paynton
Wendy Mattingley
William Searle