Braes of Alyth:

Wild Cores & Corridors

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Braes of Alyth: Wild Cores and Corridors

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Braes of Alyth: Wild Cores and Corridors is a nature connectivity project focussed on two sub-catchments on the Perthshire/Angus border, east and west of Bamff Wildland. Our aim is to connect local nature-rich areas – ‘cores’ – via restored ‘corridors’, mainly along waterways and riparian zones. We are currently in our development stage and are carrying out surveys on nine other participating land holdings, and consultation with owners and managers.

Waterway and riparian restoration:

  • Improves fresh water and wetland habitat for a large variety of species
  • Filters water pollution
  • Mitigates flooding and drought
  • Reduces bank erosion and topsoil run-off

Nature corridors:

  • Enable animals to move safely between habitats
  • Enable species (plants and animals) to disperse and expand territory
  • Reduce genetic bottlenecking
  • Improve climate change resilience

This project is supported by NatureScot in collaboration with The Scottish Government through the Facility for Investment Ready Nature in Scotland (FIRNS). It has also received support from the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund (NRF) managed by NatureScot, BugLife, Perth and Kinross Council, and Rewilding Britain.