Since the beginning of 2022, the 1.6 acre Bamff walled garden has been gradually evolving from an abandoned and neglected space, towards a multi-faceted permaculture inspired project with numerous aims:
  • providing produce for local events and community food projects.
  • connecting with local food growing projects
  • ensuring soil ecology is protected/enhanced within the garden – and outside it.
  • exploring forest gardening – for climate resilient food foraging and ecosystem building
  • creating crops of willow coppice destined for ours and others rewilding projects, and for creative endeavours.
  • providing a space for educational and cultural events, relevant to the location.
  • exploring land beyond the walled garden with, for example, experiments in heritage grain growing – ideally stock free.
  • hence exploring types of agriculture that can enhance and themselves become biodiverse habitats, rather than threaten them, and thus also potentially exploring the re-peopling of rural locations.
But ultimately its deepest purpose is to intersect with and compliment the adjacent Bamff Wildland project so as to show how rewilding and permaculture are two essential sides of the same coin.
The project’s progress can be followed here