Freak storm damages a series of beaver dams, but they recover in days.

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A huge thunderstorm with massive amounts of accompanying rainfall beginning in the afternoon of 11 August and continuing throughout the night and into the morning of 12 August, appeared to completely decimate the series of dams all along the West-East burn at Bamff. It resulted in a massive reconfiguration with drained ponds and a complete disappearance of all wooden dam structures.

Damaged and repaired – 6 days between images.

However, due to the more substantial underlying mud based foundations of the dams, which largely remained intact, many where effectively restored in as little as 3 or 4 days, with the entire stretch fully recovered within a week.
These dam foundations also helped to slow the huge amounts of water flowing over them, proving again that beaver dams are a massive help to the natural mitigation of flooding.